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Our members have their say...

I joined CrocAds immediately as a Lifetime Pro member as I previously did in FreeAdDepot, TargetAdsDepot and Build Referrals! I believe Consistency is what is most important if you're trying to grow a long term business. I also believe that everyone who is serious about building their online business can benefit by doing the same using the random database mailing features and the synergy advertising! I have already used these features to help me build a very large successful Team using my Simple Profit Setup system! Thanks again."

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Tom Haley
Hey Jane & Phil, want to see what I think of Croc-Ads? Listen Here

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Millionaire Mentor
David Dubbs
Crikey! You Did It Again! WOW. Less than 24 hours and my downline is growing like mad plus I already made commissions! Man I can't wait till Croc mailer rolls out. Sorry, but I just have to say it... CRIKEY!

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Nancy Bishop
What the Croc? Jane ... you and Phil are brilliant! I love the idea of CrocAds and that little guy on the front page just makes me smile. I'm receiving a lot of traffic to my sites already through my ads on CrocAds. I don't know how you guys do it, but keep on doing it, ok? We online marketers rely on you! Thanks for all you and Phil do.

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Janet Legere
Doing Well by Doing Good
I am most happy to endorse Croc Ads and I will definitely be using it to promote in the future. Thanks for a great program and service.

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Gordon Smith
How could I not love the Croc. I'm from Louisiana. I know Phil... We have Alligators. Not Crocodiles. At least that's the way it is in Louisiana... Not to be confused with we don't have Alligators Jane. It's Crocodiles... Great Job Phil and Jane. Love The Site.

Louis Friel
Hello Jane and Phil, I've been with you guys for almost a year by now. and I love your sites Example Of sites 1MinuteAds, FAD, TAD and they all bring me Traffic and Sales. Once I heard you guys made another site I had to grab it, and yes I went all the way Platinum Membership. Keep us rolling with that wonderful targeted traffic.

Slawomir (aka Makemoney79)
Proud Owner Of
CrocAds offers the best Free Advertising on the planet! CrocAds broadcasts news of our successful cancer and HIV/AIDS cures to the world - or to specific parts of the world - without breaking our meagre budget. For volunteers like us on this cure-mission, Croc Ads could not have appeared at a better time! Croc Ads you ROCK!

Dr Joyce Wilkinson
CEO, WorldWellness Research Institute
Croc Ads is a great advertising tool! They increased visitors to my web site immensely. I Recommend Croc-Ads to everybody that needs more traffic! Don't wait Sign up NOW!!!

Dana M. Kay


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