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Frequently Asked Questions

Q When viewing ads for credits why can't I earn credits on certain ads?
A You can only view each ad within a 24 hours period. If you click on the same ad in the same 24 hours you will not be able to earn credits for the second view. There is no way to tell whether you have viewed an ad before until you enter your username, so try to remember the headings of ads you have viewed.

Q In my ads there are three lines under the heading, what do I put in these lines?
A This is where you tell people about the product, service or opportunity you are promoting. Tell them what you like about the program.

Q I've done one of these credit advertising before and it seems that everyone just clicks on each others to get more credits with no one really looking at your ad. SO, how does one really get anywhere?
A Many people surf just for credits, but our experience is that if you get enough people to see your site and what you offer you will get signups and make sales. Any time you can get someone to see your site for 20 seconds it is valuable. They might just see something they like. Mark Joyner, one of the kings of marketing, said "I'll take traffic any way I can get it." I agree with him. Making sales is purely a numbers game. Most people fail because they can't get enough people to their sites and crocads will help them solve that issue over time.

Q Where do I go to see how many times my Koala Text Ad appeared?
A You can see how many emails your ad has already appeared in by going to Edit Koala Text Ads in your members area.

Q I am a free member, where do I go to send emails using my credits?
A Free members cannot send emails. To send emails you need to become a paid member.

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