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Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do Croc-Ads Work?
A Croc-Ads appear on all pages on our reseller and advertiser network and on participating websites. If you are a participating website owner you simply place a small code on on websites and ads will appear according to the theme of your website. This allows advertisers and you to reach a highly targeted audience with your offers.

Q How do you get sites to participate?
A Let say you are a member (reseller), and you own your own website. You are automatically invited to participate. All you need to do place our code on your website. Every time someone clicks an advertisers link on your page, you earn between 5 and 20 ad displays for your own offers. Credits are accumulated in your members area and you can apply them to any ad campaigns you are running. The ad code you place on your website carries your reseller ID and if a visitor purchases an ad through your link code you earn a commission for that sale.

Q Where do I go to edit my ads?
A Log into your account, go to the menu promo tools and then manage text ads. When you get to that page you will see an edit link. You can edit your ads there.

Q Can you help me with the signup proccess?
A All you need to do is filling your personal info, fill in the ad for the program you wish to promote, select the category that best suits your program, select the countries you want to target and click create your advertiser account.

Q How do I use credits I earn?
A Go to Promo Tools - Manage Text Ads - Scroll down to the bottom chart and you will see where at assign credits to the ads you are running. Pro members will be able to use credits to email their downlines when the member mailer launches on or around the 30th of November.

Q How do I get my validation link resent to me?
A Go to the login page, enter your email address, and click the resend validation email button. Your validation link will be resent to you. If you still do not receive your validation email, try signing up with a gmail address. You can get a free account here. http://mail.google.com

Q When I click on an ad and wait the 20 seconds a statement above the ad asks me to "imput your user name and click submit." How/where do I do that?
A You must open the window to a full window size to see the field where you insert your username. It doesn't show in a small window.

Q We just signed up as a life time master account holder and I believe we get a second ad free. Where do I go to enter the second ad?
A Go to Promo Tools - Manage Text Ads - You will see an *Add New* Link on that page.

Q I am a pro member, how do I send an email to members?
A The way you send mail is to go to send mail. You can see on the right hand side how many active members you can send your offer to... * Click on Send Your Message Now... * Select email random members * Enter your offer in the mailing form * Enter the number of credits to use If you wanted to send to all members you would need the number of credits showing in your members area. Press Send Your Message Now... Your mail will be sent to the que and will dispatched within 30-45 minutes

Q I am confused about assigning credits. It says always says invalid assignment.
A To assign credits go to Promo Tools - Manage Text ads - In the bottom section check to see that you have credits in the Account Credits column. That is the total number of credits available for all ads. To the right of each ad is a text field enter the number of credits you wish to assign to the ad that has expired or to prevent the ad from expiring. To assign credits to any ad, just enter the number of credits you wish to assign and click assign.

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